Q&A with Clifford Omoruyi

"Faith leads me because I believe God brought me to the United States for a reason."
Rutgers University

When Clifford Omoruyi arrived in Newark, NJ, from Nigeria, it was quite a culture change. Soon, however, he connected with The Salvation Army through a basketball program. Currently, the 6’11” center for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights is heading into his senior year and will graduate with an engineering degree. Cliff is hopeful that he will be drafted by the NBA following his collegiate career.

01. How did you become involved with The Salvation Army?    

I got involved with The Salvation Army through my guardian, Mr. Muhammad Oliver. He was helping with [their] after-school program.

02. Who has had the most impact on your development as an emerging leader?   

My guardian and the kids whom I helped during the after-school program.

03. What has been one of the biggest challenges in your life up to now?   

I don’t really have any challenges because God guides me through everything, but what I’m chasing after right now is achieving my goals and also getting a green card or citizenship, so I can visit my family in Nigeria.

04. Who inspires you and why?    

My family because they encourage me to chase my dreams, and my guardian and his kids because they believe in my work ethic and believe I can achieve my goals.

05. How do you spend time connecting with God?    

Daily by saying my prayers. Also, on Fridays I go to Bible study with friends and I watch online services on Sundays.

06. What is your favorite activity outside of basketball?     

Sleeping or playing video games.

07. What do you most appreciate about The Salvation Army?    

What I appreciate most is [The Salvation Army] accepting a kid they didn’t know into their program and allowing him access to work out in their gym, receive free lunch and meet new people who became my friends.

08. How does faith influence your life as a student and athlete?   

Faith leads me because I believe God brought me to the United States for a reason.

09. What are you most proud of in your life?             

Knowing how much improvement I have made through my work ethic and through believing in God.

10. What are your hopes and goals for the future?    

Making it into the NBA, obtaining my degree and being able to help others who are less privileged.  

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