Letters to the Editor

What is your best advice for setting and achieving goals?

Try these tips from the War Cry team!

Do one small thing each day to move toward whatever goal you are trying to achieve. That way, it doesn’t seem impossible to get there.

– Andrea Martin

Have a small number of goals. Even just one. Make that goal one that will have far-reaching impact on the well-being of your life and the lives of those your love.

– Diane Ury

If I know that a person who I am constantly held accountable to loves me enough to ask consistently how I am doing on a resolution, I am much more likely to keep it.

– Bill Ury

The best advice is to tell someone. Telling a trusted friend who will help us stick to it is key for achieving goals and keeping it realistic.

– Captain Stephanie Pavlakis

Set intentions before each week starts so that you can go into each new week with a renewed mindset.

– Olivia Scherzer

Enlist an accountability or encouragement partner. Having someone there who’s really good at spurring you on or adding the pressure you need to continue really comes in handy.

– Maryam Outlaw

Take small, actionable steps! Instead of “Get Organized,” break it down into achievable goals. Organize junk drawer by X date, organize coat closet by X date, etc. You’re more likely to achieve the goal if the steps are smaller and you give yourself a deadline.  

– Major Jamie Satterlee

Be specific and consider your timeline. Check out #Goals by Victoria Greenwald on peermag.org for practical tips!

– Elizabeth Hanley

Keep them realistic and don’t stress yourself out.

– Gloria Hull

Set smaller, more achievable goals to allow for more noticeable progress.

– David Reardon

Take things one step at a time. Start with short term/attainable goals to reach a bigger goal. Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t give up. 

– Keren Alvarado

Create intentional steps with mini milestones to keep yourself motivated.

– Makeda Sheffield
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